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HEALERS Physical Therapists are the “Healers” of the medical community. We spend our days using the most advanced techniques to help rehabilitate our patients in the recovery of injury or disease to a goal of returning them to their highest level of normal function in their daily lives. The techniques of rehabilitation that we use range from inhibition of pain and dysfunctional movement to the goal of improving strength, flexibility, cardio endurance, and balance, in the effort of normalizing function for an improved quality of life. The first and foremost tool of our occupation is manual therapy in which we use our hands to help decrease soft tissue injury and restore normal movement. We also utilize heat, water, electrical stimulation, dry needling, IASTM (tools used to help remodel scar and injured tissue into the regeneration of normal functioning tissue) and exercise. One of our main goals as physical therapists is the education and prevention of injury within our community. Physical Therapists around the country dedicate themselves every day to patient education at their facilities, within schools and community centers, seminars, and public health fairs that help not only to detect, but teach people how to prevent injury and health problems in the future. Physical Therapists are a united profession that works closely with the patients’ physician or a team of physicians to help produce the greatest outcome in the rehabilitation of their patients.